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SKELL Board Members

2017 South Kitsap Eastern Little League Board Members

We are always welcoming people to Volunteer with SKELL.  There are a few Board Positions still needing to be filled, if you are interested, please contact Kent Hassebrock or Brittany Anderson.

Executive Board Members

Kent Hassebrock

SKELL President

Phone: 360-990-5813

Kent played at SKELL as a teen, has a son that has played at SKELL since T-Ball to current Jrs.  Kent also has coached and managed over the years, including the Major's team Deisler.  He has been on the board for the last few year, Coach Pitch GM, VP and now League President.

Brittany Anderson

SKELL Vice President / Sponsors

Phone: 360-731-4603

Brittany has 4 boys that play at SKELL. and are currently still playing in the league.  She has been a team parent for many of her boys teams over the years.  Brittany has been on the board for a couple years, starting as the Uniform Coordinator in 2016, currently she is the league VP and also manages the league website.

Gayla Oyler

SKELL Secretary

Gayla has been a part of the league for close to 10 years.  She has two boys that have played in our league and currently are still playing.  She has been a part of our board for a few years and has been the league secretary for a couple years as well.

Sally Mathes

SKELL Player Agent

Sally has been with the league since 1994, when her children played at SKELL.  Her children are now grown and she continues to volunteer with SKELL.  She has been on the board off and on for over 15 years and currently is our league Player Agent.

Greg Allen

SKELL Treasurer

Greg Allen has been with our league since the early 2000s.  He has 3 boys that have played at SKELL and one currently in the league.  Greg has been on the board for over 10 years and was our league Player Agent for many years and currently is the league Treasurer.

SKELL General Managers

Gary Watson

SKELL Juniors & Seniors GM

Phone: 360-340-8028

Brian Smalley

SKELL Coach Pitch GM

Phone: 360-620-3914

Chad Mathes

SKELL Majors & Minors GM

Phone: 360-286-1250

Nathan Parker


Phone: 360-551-3322

Additional SKELL Board Members

Dean Anderson

SKELL Concessions Manager

Phone: 360-731-4531

Tim Oyler

SKELL Equipment Manager

Phone: 360-265-8514

James Gunburg


Phone: 360-990-1948

Stephanie Schessler

SKELL Safety / First Aid Officer

Phone: 360-440-6035

Jon Andrzejewski

SKELL Information Officer

Phone: 360-471-3042

Nichole Cotten

SKELL Uniform Coordinator / Fundraiser Coordinator

Phone: 360-271-3801

Jon Andrzejewski

Grant Writer

Phone: 360-471-3042

Vacant Position

SKELL Grounds & Maintenance

Rich Lopez

SKELL Building & Facilities Maintenance

Jerry Foster

SKELL Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Kephart

SKELL Bat-A-Thon Coordinator

Phone: 360-710-2342

Greg Inouye

SKELL Auxiliary