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SKELL Board Members

2017 South Kitsap Eastern Little League Board Members

We are always welcoming people to Volunteer with SKELL.  There are a few Board Positions still needing to be filled, if you are interested, please contact Kent Hassebrock or Brittany Anderson.

Executive Board Members

Kent Hassebrock

SKELL President

Phone: 360-990-5813

Brittany Anderson

SKELL Vice President / Sponsors

Phone: 360-731-4603

Gayla Oyler

SKELL Secretary

Sally Mathes

SKELL Player Agent

Greg Allen

SKELL Treasurer

SKELL General Managers

Gary Watson

SKELL Juniors & Seniors GM

Phone: 360-340-8028

Brian Smalley

SKELL Coach Pitch GM

Phone: 360-620-3914

Chad Mathes

SKELL Majors & Minors GM

Phone: 360-286-1250

Nathan Parker


Phone: 360-551-3322

Additional SKELL Board Members

Dean Anderson

SKELL Concessions Manager

Phone: 360-731-4531

Tim Oyler

SKELL Equipment Manager

Phone: 360-265-8514

James Gunburg


Phone: 360-990-1948

Stephanie Schessler

SKELL Safety / First Aid Officer

Phone: 360-440-6035

Jon Andrzejewski

SKELL Information Officer

Phone: 360-471-3042

Nichole Cotten

SKELL Uniform Coordinator / Fundraiser Coordinator

Phone: 360-271-3801

Jon Andrzejewski

Grant Writer

Phone: 360-471-3042

Vacant Position

SKELL Grounds & Maintenance

Rich Lopez

SKELL Building & Facilities Maintenance

Jerry Foster

SKELL Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Kephart

SKELL Bat-A-Thon Coordinator

Phone: 360-710-2342

Greg Inouye

SKELL Auxiliary