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To be a Sponsor at South Kitsap Eastern Little League

The Registration "To be a Sponsor at South Kitsap Eastern Little League" is not currently available.

Field Sponsorship

Field will be referred to by your sponsors name for the entire league year.

A large banner will be placed on the backstop, dedicating the business sponsor as the field's name. 

Any event that takes place on the field, the business sponsor's name will be announced.

$2,000 Field Sponsorship - Major Division Field

$1,800 Field Sponsorship - Big Field (Junior/Senior) & Minor Division Field

$1,500 Field Sponsorship - Coach Pitch or T-Ball Division Fields

2022 SKELL Sponsorship Information

Base Hit Team Sponsorship is our beginning level of sponsorship.  Each level higher includes the previous sponsorship level.

$1,200  GRAND SLAM
(Any Division)
Includes Home Run Sponsorship PLUS
Recognition as a Summer Ball Clinic Sponsor
Website advertisement showing for 4 months during the season (March-July)
Recognition and your website linked on social media
Additional complimentary $30 tab at Home Plate Concession Stand
(Any Division)
Includes Ground Rule Double Sponsorship PLUS
Opening Day Recognition with special mention of business
Website advertisement showing for 2 months during the season (March-July)
Complimentary $20 tab at Home Plate Concession Stand
$600 for (Any Division)
Includes Base Hit Sponsorship PLUS
Opening Day Recognition
Website advertisement showing for 1 month during the season (March-July)
Hyperlink to your website on Website Sponsor page
(Any Division)
Team Sponsor with Corporate logo on Team hats
Team Sponsorship Plaque with team photo and team hat
Recognition on Website Sponsor Page
(1) 3x5 Outfield Banner displayed at all games during the entire season

Sponsor Business Banner

South Kitsap Eastern Little League offers the opportunity to purchase a banner to be placed on the fields, for the whole league to see.  

(1) 3x5 Field Sponsor Banner - $150

The purchase of a banner all includes:

 Custom detailed multi-color logo’s and professional lettering 

Banner is guaranteed for the life of the agreement (one or two year agreement, small additional cost to hang banner after the agreement has been met)

Great for companies, families, donors, or individuals!

Layout must be approved by advertiser and SKELL

No tobacco or liquor advertising permitted