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SKELL Board Members

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2020 SKELL Board Members

We are always welcoming people to Volunteer with SKELL.  There are a few Board Positions still needing to be filled, if you are interested, please contact Kent Hassebrock or Brittany Anderson.

Executive Board Members

Kent Hassebrock

Kent Hassebrock

SKELL President

Phone: 360-990-5813

Kent played at SKELL as a teen, has a son that has played at SKELL since T-Ball to current Jrs.  Kent also has coached and managed over the years, including the Major's team Deisler.  He has been on the board for the last few year, Coach Pitch GM, VP and now League President.

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson

SKELL Vice President

Phone: 360-731-4603

Brittany has 4 boys that have played at SKELL, 3 of the boys are currently still playing in the league, her oldest son has graduated from playing at SKELL.  Her boys have been with the league, since 2010.  She has been a team parent for many of her boys teams over the years.  Brittany has been on the board for a couple years, starting as the Uniform Coordinator in 2016, currently she is the league VP and also manages the league website.

Sally Mathes

Sally Mathes

SKELL Player Agent

Sally has been with the league since 1994, when her children played at SKELL.  Her children are now grown and she continues to volunteer with SKELL.  She has been on the board off and on for over 15 years and currently is our league Player Agent.

Heather Reed


Phone: 360-990-4366

Erin Civilla

Erin Civilla


Erin has returned to our board for a 2nd season as our SKELL Treasurer.  Erin has two boys that have played at SKELL for the past 3 seasons.  Erin has also been the team parent for one of her son's team last season.  Erin brings an accounting background to the board, for the treasurer position.  Thank you Erin for taking on the important position as the Treasurer for our league.

SKELL General Managers

Gayla Oyler

Gayla Oyler

SKELL Junior & Senior General Manager

Gayla has been a part of the league for close to 10 years.  She has two boys that have played in our league, currently one of her son's is still playing and her oldest son has graduated from playing at SKELL.  She has been a part of our board for a few years and has been the league secretary for a couple years as well.

Trever Stockwell

Trever Stockwell


Phone: (360) 649-5374

Trever has coached and managed at SKELL for the last few seasons and has a son who is currently playing at SKELL.  He moved into our boundary a few years ago and is back home, since he played for Eastern as a kid himself.  Trever was the manger of the 8-10 All Star team for the 2018 season and the team placed 4th in  Districts.  Last season Trever was the Major's GM and is continuing volunteering with the same position with the current season.

April Bailey


Joe Stanfield

SKELL Coach Pitch GM

Phone: (360) 908-8445

This is the 2nd year that Joe has been on our SKELL board.  Last year he was the Minor's GM and did an amazing job with that position.  This season Joe is going to be the Coach Pitch GM and we are happy to have him managing that role.  He has two boys that currently play for SKELL.

Adam Lukkasson

SKELL T-Ball General Manager

Phone: 360-265-8667

Adam is a new member to our SKELL board for the current season.  He is not new to volunteering, as he was a manager of a coach pitch team last season.  He has a son that has played at SKELL for the last couple seasons and is currently in the coach pitch program.  We are happy to welcome Adam to our SKELL board with new ideas for the T-Ball program.

SKELL Umpire in Charge

Clint Forsythe


Clint has been a manager and coach at SKELL for the last few years.

  He started off managing a T-Ball team at SKELL a few years ago, then a Coach Pitch team and this year he's managing a Minor Team.   Clint has 3 children who all play at SKELL. 

Additional SKELL Board Members

Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson

SKELL Concessions Manager

Phone: 360-731-4531

Dean has 4 boys that play at SKELL and has been with the league since 2010.  Dean grew up playing Little League at South Kitsap Southern Little League.   Dean has been in the food industry for over 25 years.  His goal is to "Improve the food and snacks for the families of SKELL".  Since Dean has started on the board, we now have a hood, flattop and fryer.  He has brought many new menu items to our concession stand and there will be many more to come.  Come by and grab some fries and an amazing burger!!!

Tim Oyler

Tim Oyler

SKELL Equipment Manager

Phone: 360-265-8514

Tim has been a part of our league for over 10 years.  Tim has been our equipment manager over the last few seasons.  He is committed to get the best equipment for our league, with the best quality and safety standards for our youth.   He has coached and managed throughout the seasons.   Tim has also managed many SKELL All Star teams over the last 6 seasons, including taking the Junior All Star team to State and placing 3rd, in 2018.  Tim has one son who has graduated from playing at SKELL and currently has one son who is still playing at SKELL.   

Joanna Hiatt

SKELL Safety / First Aid Officer

Phone: 360-801-9651

Joanna has a son that currently plays for SKELL and a younger son that will be starting in a couple seasons.  She has been a team parent over the seasons for the teams her son has played on.  She came to the board in 2018 as the Safety officer.  Joanna holds safety to a high standard and wants to make sure every child is safe as they play at SKELL.  She is excited to be the Safety Officer for another season.

Jon Andrzejewski

Jon Andrzejewski

SKELL Information Officer

Phone: 360-471-3042

Jon has been with SKELL for about 8 seasons.  He has two kids who have played for SKELL throughout the seasons.  Jon has managed and coached over the seasons and has also managed an All Star team at SKELL.  Jon has been on the SKELL board for a few seasons, started off as the Volunteer Coordinator, then the Grant Writer and Information Officer.  Jon has worked hard keeping up to date information on our Facebook page for SKELL.

Steve Kephart

SKELL Bat-A-Thon Coordinator

Phone: 360-710-2342

Steve Kephart has volunteered at SKELL over the last three decades, since 1994.  He was one of the coaches of the 2005 All Star Majors team, who were the District 2 Champions and took the team to State.   All of Steve's children are grown, but we are lucky he is such a strong believer of our Bat-A-Thon fundraiser.  He continues to volunteer as our Bat-A-Thon Coordinator and we thank you. 

Ralph Riddle

Bat-A-Thon Coordinator

Brian Smalley

Brian Smalley

SKELL Sponsor Coordinator

Phone: 360-620-3914

Brian has served on our board as the Coach Pitch GM for the past few seasons.  Brian has coached and managed regular season teams over the past seasons at SKELL.  He has also managed All Star teams over the past two seasons at SKELL.   Brian has two boys that play for SKELL and a daughter that plays for SKELL as well.  Prior to committing his time at SKELL, he helped coach for a different league, but moved over to our boundary. 

Angela Forsythe

SKELL Grant Coordinator

Phone: 425-502-2822

Nichole Leiter

Nichole Leiter

Auxiliary, Fundraiser & Picture Coordinator

Phone: 360-271-3801

Nikki has one son that plays at SKELL and has been playing since 2012.  She has been a team parent throughout the seasons and a dedicated team Bat-A-Thon coordinator for her son's teams, every season, including this season.  Nikki joined the board in 2017 as the Uniform Coordinator and Fundraiser Coordinator.  This season she is working hard coming up with fun fundraising ideas.   

Edlin Limmer

Edlin Limmer

Team Parent Coordinator

Edlin has 2 boys that play at SKELL, since 2011.   Over the seasons, Edlin has been a team parent for her boys teams at SKELL.  She joined the board in 2018, as our Grant Writer.  This season Edlin is going back to her roots as at team parent and she is the Team Parent Coordinator. 

Annie Kudrna

SKELL Scorekeeper Coordinator

Curt Tippery

SKELL Coaching Coordinator

May Stanfield

SKELL Uniform Coordinator

May has two son's that play for SKELL and they joined in 2017.  May joined the board in 2018 as the Uniform Coordinator.  She works with our local vender, making sure each team has their uniforms prior to the season.   She has been a team parent and helped coach with her younger son over the last two seasons.  She is excited to continue on the board as the Uniform Coordinator. 

Kelli Brady

SKELL Uniform Coordinator

Jeannette Sandoval

Jeannette Sandoval

SKELL Schedule Coordinator

This is the 2nd season that Jeannette has taken on the task of being the Scheduler for our league.  She has worked hard coordinating games between teams and coaches that might have worked with two teams.   Jeannette is a parent of 5 children, her son has played at SKELL since 2015 and 2 of her older daughters have been working in our concessions since 2016. 

Megan Hart

SKELL Event Coordinator

Phone: 360-865-8435

Victoria Tippery

SKELL Volunteer Coordinator

Greg Allen

Greg Allen

SKELL Assistant Field & Ground Maintenance

Greg Allen has been with our league since the early 2000s.  He has 3 boys that have played at SKELL and one currently in the league.  Greg has been on the board for over 10 years and was our league Player Agent for many years.   The previous couple years, Greg was the league Treasurer.   Currently, he is our league Field Maintenance Coordinator.   

Ben Hardin

Ben joined the SKELL board midway through the 2018 season as the assistant equipment manager.  He currently has a son and daughter that play at SKELL.   Ben has helped coach over the seasons and last season he managed one of our Junior teams.  He was also one of the coaches for the Junior All Star team, during the 2018 season.  Ben is eager to volunteer and help the youth in our league.

Nathan Parker

Phone: 360-551-3322

Nathan has been on the SKELL board for a couple seasons as the T-Ball GM.  He has helped out T-Ball program over the past two seasons.  Nathan has also managed and coached over the past few seasons as well.  He has son who currently plays at SKELL.